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Windows Active Directory Server Setup & Setting

Kamis, 06 Desember 2018

This project is to setup Windows operating system as an Domain (active directory server)
Coverage services: setup Windows OS from zero and setting the windows domain including user login to accommodate and running business and operation (not license including)
Benefit for you: No need to hire new IT staff and just watch and relax what I can do for you

Green Tech Solutions,
Perum Kota Serang Baru (KSB Grande) ds. Sukaragam, kec. Serang Baru - Cikarang - Kab. Bekasi - 17334
Telp. 021 2947 2954
Call/SMS/WA: 0812 7346 4748 / 0815 974 2526
email: marketing@serba-murah.web.id 

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